Studio1 Pricing

Group Classes

Group classes include: BodyFit, BarreFit, AlignFit, Pilates Mat, Pliates Flow, and Yoga.

Single Class: $20   


Please review our studio policy.

6 Month: $155/Month for Unlimited Classes

12 Month: $135/Month for Unlimited Classes

Group Class Packages

Burn Package: $145/Eight Classes/Year  

Shake Package: $165/Twelve Classes/Year

Sculpt Package: $190/30 Days Unlimited

Studio2 Pricing

Group Apparatus

Single Class: $35  

Five Class Package: $150

Ten Class Package: $270


Single Class: $30

Five Class Package: $125

Five Class Package Contract Add-On: $95


Private Pilates Classes


Single Session: $75

Five Sessions: $325

Ten Sessions: $600


Single Session: $45

Five Sessions: $200

Ten Sessions: $350


Off-Site Sessions

Contact us for quote and availability.