Studio1 Classes


Taryn and Ashley's signature class, BodyFit screams with excitement! Or was that T&A adding fire to the workout? Years of expertise led to the development of this unique and upbeat workout class, which focuses on precision in movement at an intense level using props to target all muscle groups. Add BodyFit to your workout regime and exceed your own strength expectations, as each class continuously challenges your muscles and endurance. Bring an extra towel because with the music pumping and the adrenaline rushing, you'll be sweating like crazy. Diminish the gut and perk your butt in no time...we can't wait to see you all begging for more! Tennis shoes required.


This is not your typical barre class. BarreFit is a barre class on steroids, lovingly designed by T&A to kick your ass, each and every time. It is a dynamic, dance-based class that is energetically fun, at times slightly torturous in the best way possible, and of course, extremely spicy! We use small props to intensify and modify choreography, keeping your muscles guessing and growing stronger. Our promise: it will burn SO good! Grip socks optional; no shoes, please.


AlignFit is designed to strengthen and lengthen postural muscles using a resistance bungee system mounted to the ceiling. It is a Pilates-based class that targets the full body with extra emphasis on balance, opening and strengthening of the thoracic spine, as well as shoulder mobility and stability. This is an intense class that guarantees you'll feel the burn.

Pilates Mat 

The Pilates Method taken to the floor...but don't think laying down makes it any easier! Focusing on all muscles of the body, BodyFit's Pilates Mat class concentrates on strength, flexibility, and alignment. Small class sizes in BodyFit's boutique Santa Cruz studio allows for more attention to each client, as T&A guide you through the class and modify your movements as needed to deliver a safe and effective workout class that will tone, tighten, lengthen. Beginners to enthusiasts, this Pilates class is for everybody. Grip socks optional; no shoes, please.

Pilates Flow 

Experience the foundations of Pilates taught in a more fluid style during BodyFit’s Pilates Flow class. Upbeat music keeps a high-energy rhythm throughout the class, as your instructor leads you through a series of transitional movements that quickly flow from one position to the next, increasing heart rate while maintaining focus on form. This Pilates class will get you sweating!


Expect creative fluidity with a strong emphasis on form in the Vinyasa Flow sequences taught during BodyFit’s yoga classes. Instructors weave breath work, physical postures, philosophy, and meditation in order to leave you feeling spacious and radiant, all the while focusing on building strength and increasing flexibility. This is the perfect class to compliment all your other BodyFit favorites!

Studio2 Classes

Group Apparatus 

A semi-private class targeting the deeper postural muscles on the Allegro 2 Reformers. With a maximum of four clients per class, you are able to get individualized attention while maintaining the energy of a class setting. A fantastic class to add into your workout rotation, BodyFit's Group Apparatus class is also a great way for new clients to familiarize themselves with the Pilates Method and equipment.


Wanting to deliver more personalized and high-intensity workouts in a shorter time period than the regular full hour group classes, T&A have developed ExpressFit: 45 minute classes for 4 people (max) on the Allegro 2 Reformers. To sum them up, expect to sweat! These are efficient, high energy classes that flow to music. Less time, more bang for the booty, and the same BodyFit energy you love! 

Abs & Ass with Ashley: A full body workout that pays a little extra attention to your abdominals and glutes.

CardioFit: A cardio-based class using the jump board. Don't be fooled, just because you're laying down doesn't mean we can't get that heart rate up! 

Tone & Sculpt with Taryn: This class focuses on integrating the full body in movement to sculpt and tone lean muscles.

Pilates Private Sessions

Individual instruction based on the Pilates Method, BodyFit's Pilates Private Sessions use the Allegro 2 Reformers to amplify your basic Pilates workout. After years of instructional experience, Taryn and Ashley's Pilates knowledge enables them to tailor each session based on the client's wants and needs. If you're looking for an incredible Pilates workout on the Santa Cruz Westside, or anywhere in Santa Cruz County, these sessions are for you! Private and duet sessions available. 

So grateful for BodyFit! I’ve been taking barre with the founders Taryn & Ashley for over 3 years and they are the most inspiring, effective, fun teachers out there – it’s changed my body and my life! I’ve taken group ex classes all over the US and there is no one better. Fun people, ass-kicking workout, never boring. Go here. You will be HOOKED!
— Joanna Morehead