New Instructor + New Class at BodyFit!

Guess what, BodyFitters...We've got a NEW yoga instructor joining the studio and she's bringing a teaching style that is so badass, we had to design a whole new class for her: YogaFit! We hope you all show her that BodyFit love and help us welcome her to the studio by trying out her class! 

Lydia Edit7.jpeg

Meet Lydia!

Lydia became an instant yogi after trying her first Power Vinyasa class in 2010.  An avid runner, gym-goer and exercise nerd, she loved how yoga centered her while still fulfilling her need to move. As she began to practice more and more, she discovered not only physical changes in her body such as strength and flexibility, but immense mental growth as well. In 2012 she decided to deepen her practice and become a certified instructor. Lydia’s classes at BodyFit provide the foundations of a Vinyasa flow class, integrating alignment, core work and breathing techniques, as well as elements from other exercise domains such as cardio and weight training. Lydia loves to switch it up—no two classes will ever be the same, but you can always expect to work hard and feel great!

So what's YogaFit? Read the class description, then sign up for class to find out!