BodyFit is Green Business Certified!

We are super excited to announce that we have joined the California Green Business Network's Monterey Bay Area chapter, and are officially a certified Green Business!

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Why We Are Green

It is so important for us at BodyFit to create a space that is healthy for our clients, and we know that health encompasses so much more than fitness. It is what we eat. It is our mental state. It is the environments we are in, and the environment itself. Our goals have always been to share in the physical health benefits of working out and to offer a space that can act as a source of mental rejuvenation in the day, but we also want to provide our community a local business that cares about the health of the world we live in...Which is why we have committed ourselves to incorporating environmentally-responsible practices into our studio.

How We Are Green

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, purchase recycled content paper supplies (which are extremely minimal), provide filtered water coolers to promote reusable water bottle usage, and reduce energy usage through our use of natural light (and by turning up your body heat to avoid turning on the heater!).

Physical, mental, environmental...Each of these elements can have a profound impact on our overall health, and we feel lucky that we have the opportunity to provide so many healthy lifestyle options for our clients!